Circle Cut-Outs

I can’t remember when I started doing this activity, but I have done it with preschool thru second grade and I LOVE what the kids come up with! It’s a great way to stir up creativity. FYI: the pictures above are an eye and a flower.

Tell the students to think of something that has a circle shape in it (don’t tell them to think of things that are in a circle shape). I start my giving them an example. I make a snowman, with the circle in the middle being it’s body.

I tried to find an example I had from a couple years ago of a boy who made “echolocation.” I thought he was just scribbling on the page but came to find out I was wrong! There are endless possibilities to this activity!

What You’ll Need:

  • white construction paper with holes cut out of the middle (I use a dixie cup to trace and then cut it out)
  • crayons

Here are some more examples:

bouncy ball
a person yelling
a camera