MLK Day in Second Grade

The natural element kids have to see the world for what it could be…or should be, always amazes me. They have an innate understanding of right from wrong (even though they don’t always act accordingly). Every time MLK Day comes around and we have conversations about how the world used to be, how it is today, and hopes for the future, I am reminded of how far the human race has to go before we experience true harmony. It is so hard to survive in this world without being selfish, without hurting others, and without pretending to be someone we are not. With that said, I love the opportunity MLK Day gives us to have some real talk. Schools are generally not a place teachers can have genuine conversations with their students because there is so much risk involved; parents getting upset, someone taking conversation out of context, and families who might misunderstand what happens in a healthy classroom.

This year, my kids made “clouds” and wrote down dreams they have for the world, our school, and themselves. Everyone chose one of those dreams to share on a video. Sometimes I watch it just to feel a little better about life, my job, the importance of diversity, and youth. Click the link below to get inspired!

MLK Day in Second Grade

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