Art Auction Project

This is a really good project that looks nice but also includes the kids. The first photo is what I did on a 2’x1.5′ canvas ($6 from Michael’s!). I used masking tape and star stickers and then painted over it with gray tempera paint. After it dried, the kids used red, blue and white paint to cover it. They did what I call “splat paint” (although I’m sure there is a more technical term). The kids dipped a paintbrush in red, white, or blue paint and “splatted” it against the canvas.

Art Auction Part 1

Here is the final product. Hopefully someone bids high!

file-5 (1).jpeg


Doghouse: Compound Words

This is a great activity for younger students as well as upper primary grades to practice compound words. I recently switched from kindergarten to second grade and I still use this activity to reinforce what they already know, and as spelling help.

Basically the students practice putting together compound words and practice taking them apart. They get to “sing” a fun jingle if you choose to do this as whole group and pick a food (that’s a compound word) they like to eat. All the work is done for you, except for printing and cutting.

I included some alternate activities that you can use the picture cards for.